QA with Cathy Tam about Six West’s Crewing Services!

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Dublin, Ireland, 10 April 2020

Six West’s global crewing service is managed by Cathy Tam, Director of Asia Pacific. Cathy is an expert at sourcing and vetting exceptional aviation professionals for short and long-term contract work.

In the below interview, we asked her a series of questions related to the overall service, current job openings that are immediately available, how to join the crew database and what can be expected after registration. Her team understand that having the right crew on board is crucial to a successful flight.

1) Please can you describe the type of clients that use Six West’s crewing department?

Cathy: Most of our clients are operators, management companies, aircraft brokers, self-managed individual accounts, lead captains, account managers and of course, word of mouth referrals!

2) How can flight crew sign up to our crew database and what can they expect after registering?

Cathy: Registration is simple and quick! We encourage flight crew to visit where they can submit their contact details and qualifications. After successfully completing the registration process, crew will be notified via email when contracts become available on their specific aircraft type rating/s. Due to quick turnaround times, we strongly encourage pilots to upload all the necessary documents, so that we can present clients with a complete candidate profile.

3) All those working in the aviation industry know that the COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on the industry. How is Six West providing opportunities for flight crew during this period of instability?

Cathy: In spite of the global travel restrictions that COVID-19 has brought about, our business aviation clients are still travelling for business purposes. Whatever our clients’ requirements, we do our best to provide crewing solutions that meet their needs.

During this challenging time, I’ve been deeply touched by the support we’ve received from our peers in the industry. From sharing news updates about the latest travel restrictions to spreading the word about our service offering, a real sense of community has been established between us and other providers operating in this niche market.

Indeed, Six West is still busy looking for contract crew for our corporate clients, however the reality of border closures means that we have to be 100% sure that we can get our crew to the job’s take-off location on time and with no hitches whatsoever.

4) What attributes does Six West look for in crew members?

Cathy: We’re committed to sourcing outstanding crew that exceed our clients’ expectations. To achieve this, we believe that honesty, discretion and flexibility are key traits. These, combined with a positive mindset and experience on type, make for reliable and professional crew members.

5) In your opinion, what is today’s most sought after type-rating? Does this differ depending on location?

Cathy: Manufacturers are consistently raising the bar in terms of comfort and performance with each new aircraft design. However, despite this, aircraft owners don’t change their aircraft frequently, due to the size of the investment they have made. This makes determining which type-rating is most sought after hard to gauge. I would like to add that this is exactly why Six West looks for pilots who are qualified to fly various aircraft types – this enables us to fulfill all client requirements that we are entrusted with.

6) These are undeniably challenging times for the whole world. Which aspects of the aviation industry do you think will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Cathy: In the short-term and in an effort to curb the spread of the disease, I think that health checks will be performed at airports around the world, particularly for those traveling on commercial airlines.

7) If someone reading this interview wants to reach out to you for more information, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

Cathy: Crewing enquiries can be sent to [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!

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