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Fostering Innovation in the Aircraft Leasing Industry

By Six West Malta

Providing secure alternatives to traditional lessor – lessee agreements

Foreword from Dany Pennington

CEO Six West Malta

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Six West Malta is the result of a joint venture between Six West and Malta MedAir. The objectives of this joint venture are two-fold. Firstly, together with incentives from the Maltese government, we aim to shape Malta into a world-class hub for the aircraft leasing industry. Secondly, by placing aircraft on our AOCs, aircraft lessors may consider worldwide lease placements to destinations that currently present unfavourable levels of risk within the prevailing lessor-lessee business model. Until now, the leasing industry has not had access to such a solution and we are excited about the impact it will have.

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An Alternative to Traditional Lease Agreements

Our industry-first AOCs are the result of several years of research, planning and collaboration with industry stakeholders. The growth of commercial air travel has created a gap between an airline’s need for safe and well-maintained aircraft and a lessor’s willingness to lease aircraft to operators in emerging economies which are rapidly establishing themselves as key global markets.

Both our approved EASA (Malta) and under application OTARs (Cayman) AOCs strive to close this gap by granting lessors the operational oversight, asset protection and ease of accessibility required by lease agreements. By providing both an EASA (Maltese) and an OTARs (Cayman) AOC, we give lessors and lessees flexibility to choose the aircraft registration best suited to their requirements.

We understand that the leasing industry is inherently risk averse and our AOCs address lessors’ concerns by providing the security required by them in order to meet the global demand for more airworthy aircraft.

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EASA (Malta) AOC

Six West Malta’s EASA AOC is ready for commercial use and offers lessors the security required to consider lease agreements in jurisdictions that currently present unfavourable terms. Our AOC framework guarantees that the highest of international standards in aviation are adhered to, irrespective of aircraft location.

Lessors can now optimise aircraft utilisation by maintaining airworthiness and flight-ready capabilities, as opposed to placing aircraft in long term preservation. Using our EASA AOC, we can operate aircraft directly for lessors in revenue generating ACMI environments, or by becoming part of the lease agreement as the designated operator inside an airline. We work to continually leverage an aircraft’s full commercial value while maintaining the highest levels of asset protection and maintenance.

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OTARs (Cayman) AOC

Building on the success of our EASA (Malta) AOC offering, we are in the final stages of acquiring an OTARs (Cayman). The Cayman AOC will provide an excellent alternative to our EASA AOC, enabling clients to use both an offshore aircraft registry and/or a UK overseas territory AOC.

Apart from the operational oversight and asset protection offered by our EASA AOC, our Cayman option assists lessors and operators in converting their business into a more advantageous tax and cost saving commercial operation.

The growth of commercial aviation is driving change in the aircraft leasing industry. The traditional leasing model, which worked well to date, no longer addresses the needs of the rapid growth that the world’s airlines are facing today.

Our AOCs provide robust operational oversight and safety measures for aircraft, wherever they operate from. The AOCs are designed to securely and lucratively bridge the gap between the global demand for more aircraft and the high number of unused aircraft in preservation.

To learn more about the rationale behind our AOC offering, please download a copy of our whitepaper entitled Safely expanding aircraft leasing in emerging markets - An alternative to traditional lease agreements.

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