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Flight Operations Services (FOS)

Each of our services has been designed to assist lessors throughout every phase of an aircraft's transition. We are an audited and approved OTARs Article 134 operator, committed to the highest international safety standards. This entails making a modified declaration to the home-based regulator, the Irish Aviation Authority, confirming that each aircraft movement is undertaken in accordance with specific Non-Commercial Complex (NCC) regulations, and that all storage, technical or demonstration flights on EASA-registered aircraft are completed under Part NCC and/or Maintenance Check Flight (MCF) regulations.

Your success is important to us. All our services have been built around you and can be customised to meet your demands, ensuring that we exceed your expectations every time we collaborate.

If you have Flight Operations requirements and are looking for a specific quote, you may submit your request through our form by clicking here. Alternatively, you can read more about our services for lessors below.


Lease transitions

We’re experienced at managing lease transitions from beginning to end and are trusted to do so by some of the leading players in today’s leasing industry. During lease transitions we oversee the process of removing the aircraft from the lessee at the end of a lease agreement and returning it to the lessor. Read more about our Aircraft Lease Transition Services.


Distressed recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous aircraft repossessions on a global scale.  Operating with the utmost discretion and keeping to tight deadlines, we have the expertise and network needed for conducting a full recovery process. Many of the world’s leading aircraft lessors have turned to us for assistance during this unprecedented time in aviation history.


New delivery

When lessors make a new aircraft purchase, they depend on us to deliver their asset. Apart from the necessary paperwork and fuelling, we operate every aspect of the operation to deliver the plane to its new owner. Read more about our Aircraft Delivery Services.


End of service flights

Once an aircraft has reached the end of its valuable leasing life, we can assist in its transition to a buyer or other destination.  We can also finalise any paperwork associated with this process.

Demonstration and functional check flights

During a lease transition, there may be a need to carry out a demonstration or functional check flight. Our pilots, who are experienced in carrying out check flights, operate to an approved demonstration flight profile and are available to assist and advise on the design of the flight.


Observation flights

We provide qualified and experienced pilots to observe and independently evaluate the performance and operation of an aircraft at the end of or during a lease transition. We regularly assist lessors and airlines with this requirement on a global basis.


Ground handling

We can coordinate a variety of ground handling services from tried and tested providers, for your aircraft and /or passengers at any location. Whether you require first-class catering, aircraft cleaning or VIP transport, we can organise exactly what you need.


Flight planning

We’re passionate about flight planning and all the intricate details that are fundamental to a successful flight plan. From fuel calculation to compliance with air traffic control requirements, trust us to make sure your flight operation is on track and on budget.



Fuel purchase

We can purchase fuel on your behalf from a selection of audited fuel vendors, who guarantee the best fuel prices on the market. Additionally, fuel can be supplied wherever you are.


Robust liability insurance

We understand that the investment made in purchasing aircraft is enormous. That’s why all our flight operations are covered by a robust, industry-approved Aviation Liability Insurance.



RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) decreases the standard vertical separation of aircraft flying between FL 290 (29,000 ft) and FL 410 (41,000 ft) from 2,000 ft to a minimum of 1,000 ft. This allows more aircraft to fly safely in a particular airspace. An RVSM LOA (Letter of Authorisation) grants aircraft operators the FAA’s authorisation to practise RVSM.

There are some ambiguities surrounding RVSM and our knowledgeable team can clarify the correct way forward in this area.


TSA Waiver

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issues waivers for various aircraft to fly within U.S. airspace, which includes the airspace above the United States and its territories. Whether your aircraft requires a waiver depends mostly on how large it is, country of registration, and whether you’re flying to/from, within, or over U.S. airspace.

We have a clear understanding of the scenarios where a TSA Waiver is required and we’re able to assist operators to obtain this document.

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