Six West launches PilotPal software

PilotPal by Six West
Dublin, Ireland, 29 July 2021


Six West has launched its licensed and bespoke aviation software, PilotPal, following several years of extensive industry collaboration, feedback and beta testing.

PilotPal is a multi-functional automated hub which enables commercial pilots to register their details for flight opportunities, maintain updated information, and submit and track expense requests efficiently and effectively following the completion of a Six West flight operation.

Matthew Gee, Six West’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “At Six West, we serve over 75 customers across the globe. Getting internal processes running at peak performance is important to us every day of the week. We’re continuously working to ensure we provide the best possible experience for our customers as well as our globally located flight crew.

“Creating and fostering a Six West pilot group that operates with high levels of proficiency as well as genuine happiness and satisfaction to be part of our team, is a focal point for us and we believe this focus has contributed largely to our success in achieving such high levels of customer satisfaction year after year.

“There is an industry-wide shortfall in quality software designed for crew with their needs in mind. Behind a pilot’s more obvious activities on an aircraft is an administration process that often leaves aircrew frustrated, in the dark and out of the loop when it comes to processing their data and their expense submissions and payments. PilotPal software directly addresses this shortfall and creates an efficient and transparent system that benefits all parties involved in the process.

“PilotPal’s commercial pilot database gives us access to a broad pool of pilots. The software also integrates seamlessly with our Finance Department and cuts down on numerous inefficiencies in both processes and communications.”

All data provided through the PilotPal is secure and fully protected under EU GDPR rules and the Privacy Policies of Six West.

The simple registration process on PilotPal takes a matter of minutes and allows pilots to upload their information and documentation, such as visas and licenses, into one area, check upcoming flying opportunities, and submit and track expense payments.

For further information, watch this video: or to register, visit:

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