Achieving more, together

We work hand-in-hand with operators so that we're able to deliver exceptional results for both you and ultimately your end client. Your success is important to us and together we can achieve outstanding results.

All our services have been built around your needs and can be customised to meet your demands, ensuring that we exceed your expectations every time we collaborate.


Crewing Support

Our crewing service is driven by an ambition to expedite access to quality, short-term commercial pilots. Our rigorous screening guarantees that your aircraft’s flight/s will be in the skilled hands of typed and current commercial pilots.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with some of the best pilots in the industry. Knowing that our clients’ assets are in trustworthy hands, gives them and us peace of mind during a flight operation.



Crew Training

Training and maintaining proficiency is an integral part of our industry and a core focus of Six West. We work with operators and partners to identify training requirements that are industry best practices and conformal to any applicable regulatory body. We then deliver training programmes tailored to each scenario, to ensure a lessor’s aircraft is operated safely.

We’ve delivered training on OCC, emergency procedures, cabin operations, crew resource management (CRM) and first aid. Each course is discussed in light of the latest industry procedures and ICAO best practice recommendations.


Fuel purchase

We can purchase fuel on your behalf from a selection of audited fuel vendors, who guarantee the best fuel prices on the market. Additionally, fuel can be supplied wherever you are.


Visa Support Services

Through our extensive experience in crewing services, we’ve garnered the contacts and know-how to expedite the issuing of visas for all global destinations including China, Nigeria, Russia and India.


Flight Operations Support

With 24/7 availability, our team can meet the demands of your schedule to ensure a seamless flight operation. Let us support you with dispatch, flight plan, fuel purchase, catering, overflight and landing permits and travel logistics for your crew and passengers.


EU-ETS Trading

Reporting CO2 emissions and fuel consumption has become obligatory in Europe since 2005 and there are heavy penalties associated with failing to submit your EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) report. We support many clients in compiling the data for this report, ensuring its accuracy and timely submission.



Six West are the proud creators of PilotPal, an industry leading software that enables our contract crew members to track, manage and update their expenses and trip requirements. In turn, Six West has access to a large database of type-rated and available pilots who are vetted and ready to go on any given flight operation.

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