Podcast: Matthew Gee talks to the Irish Aviation Students’ Association (IASA)

Podcast with IASA and Matthew Gee
Dublin, Ireland, 6 February 2021

Six West is passionate about supporting the future of Ireland’s aviation industry and one way it does this is by collaborating with schools and student associations across the country.

When our COO Matthew Gee was invited to speak at one of IASA’s podcasts, he was both intrigued and excited to get involved. Each podcast is aimed at delivering practical information about different aspects of the aviation industry on both an international and national level.

Committee members from IASA chatted to Matthew about his career progression in the industry (starting when he was a teenager), his transition from the UK to Ireland and how Six West’s flight operations department supports airlines and aircraft lessors with lease transitions, aircraft deliveries, distressed recovery operations and demonstrations.

Click here to listen to Matt Gee’s IASA podcast. 

IASA’s podcasts offer a unique learning opportunity for listeners since guest speakers offer genuine insight and advice for students seeking to kick off their careers in aviation. Furthermore, due to the limitations posed by COVID-19, podcasts are an ideal medium to host such discussions.

Podcast: Matthew Gee talks to the Irish Aviation Students’ Association (IASA) 1

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