The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a recommended code of best practices designed to help aircraft operators achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.  This tallies with our own adherence to safety measures across the board and our commitment to assisting operators in their audit requirements. Six West is certified to carry out customised audits, IS-BAO accreditation audits and ISO 9001 audits.

After a free gap analysis, our experienced team will highlight any areas for improvement. Our focus is to help you succeed and operators have our full support to rectify issues prior to the official audit.

An onsite audit typically lasts between two or three days and includes a review of Safety Management Systems (SMS), processes, manuals, programmes, policies and procedures. Flight observation is at an operator’s discretion.

The audit’s final report is a worthy tool for operators to present to management. It serves to highlight a flight department’s strengths and the overall value that the investment in a safety management system has achieved.

SMS Development

A Safety Management System in aviation refers to any formal processes or procedures that mitigate risk to an acceptable level.   Through the development of a safety management system, an operator can identify weak spots and put formal processes in place to improve them.

SMS methodology depends on the size and complexity of the company, including the type of equipment being operated, the geographical areas of operation and personnel composition. Six West will talk you through this development process and customise it to your own needs.

SMS options include:

  • Onsite & Offsite Training
  • SMS Training
  • Implementation Guide/Models
  • Facilitation of SMS Implementation
  • SMS Evaluations
  • SMS Audits
  • Consulting
  • IS-BAO Audits

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